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Sangster's Franchise Ownership

Customers make great franchisees

Our Franchisees are regular people with one commonality — a Passion for helping provide Customers Make Great FranchiseesHealthy Choices for those interested in living a natural lifestyle.

Our Franchise partners started out as customers and then became community minded small business owners. You do not have to be a doctor or naturopath to be successful. The ability to understand and advocate natural health choices, paired with our extensive support structure will help you create exceptional experiences for your customers and help them live a healthy preventative lifestyle.

We do not prescribe, we recommend through the use and guidance of those who are medically qualified, including medical doctors, naturopaths, and master herbalists.

Achieve your Goals with Sangster’s®

Most people become franchisees because of personal desires and goals, such as more income, flexible lifestyle, increased wealth, job security or debt reduction. Sangster’s® encourages and supports the development of your personal goals.

  • Do you want to increase your wealth and reduce your debt?
  • How important is job security for you next year and in 5 years?
  • Is a flexible lifestyle important to you and your family?
  • Would you like to change what you are doing for a living?

Quality defines Sangster’s®

Sangster’s® Franchisees interact with customers daily and offer natural solutions and choices for them to improve their lifestyle or eliminate ailments.

Sangster’s® is in the ‘trust business’ and we take that very seriously. Quality defines Sangster’s® and people expect ‘results’ from the products we sell, such as organic foods, vitamin supplements, healthy snacks, sports supplements and drinks.

What our Partners have to say About Sangster’s®

“Growing up in the country, I’ve always enjoyed and was interested in nature and organics. After research, I learned how well-run and successful the company is. While training in Saskatoon, I met the awesome Sangster’s® Team who provided coaching, best practices and networking to assist with the transition of becoming a Sangster’s® franchisee. I am very happy and, with knowledgeable staff on hand, I enjoy assisting our customers with their needs. “

Brian Rusnov (Vineland, ON.)

Freedom – Flexibility – Balance

We understand that we all have one life to live and that it is our primal instinct to provide and survive.  Life in the 21st Century is much different than that of our ancient ancestors, who worked strictly to survive.

Providing others with more Freedom, Flexibility and Balance to their busy lives is immensely rewarding and one of the main motivators behind our Franchise Opportunity.

Business Ownership is a Lifestyle
Sangster’s® Franchisees live a health focused lifestyle and are active participants in their businesses.

Business ownership is a Lifestyle that offers you a flexible schedule which allows you the opportunity to ‘balance’ your personal and professional life.

You must earn your own success, but we will provide you with the security, knowledge and comfort you expect from a first class Franchise system;

Join the ‘Feel Good’ Industry

Imagine helping people feel better and healthier, while earning a living! Sangster’s® is in the feel good business and as a franchisee, you will help people improve their lives and the internal feelings received from satisfied customers is enough to melt your heart.

As an Owner Operator, you will interact with customers daily and your will be seen and become their ‘Trusted Source’ for all things Health Related.


Sangster’s® is Job Security while Building Wealth

A Work–Life Balance is knowing how to juggle both Family Priorities with Business Priorities.

We are searching for franchise partners that are excited to create their own Work-Life balance. Rest assured that we take the awarding of franchise licenses very seriously which is evident in our Franchise Awarding Process, designed to ensure careful and informed decisions are made.

Sangster’s® is a Lifestyle that takes the fear of being alone in business – off the table.


Our Mission

To provide natural choices through quality products and educated advice for a healthy lifestyle

Your Success

We help you achieve personal success by granting franchises to qualified individuals who believe they can achieve their personal goals and business goals by:

  • Fully, completely and consistently implementing our Sangster’s® operating systems;
  • Enhancing our valued Sangster’s® Brand;
  • Creating and keeping very satisfied Sangster’s® customers;
  • Working cooperatively with Sangster’s® other licensed franchisees;
  • Helping Sangster’s® build market share;
  • Willingly and enthusiastically participating in all aspects of our relationship;

Our Core Values

    1.  Build open and honest relationships
      2.     Pursue growth and learning through hard work
      3.     Deliver ‘WOW’ through exceptional service
      4.     Be optimistic, creative and open-minded
      5.     Be passionate, accountable and focused
      6.     Build a positive team with family values
      7.     Embrace and drive positive change
      8.     Respect and trust each other
      9.     Create fun and excitement
      10.   Do more with less

The Culture

We believe that the Culture of an organization begins with the Leaders, to the Franchisees, and to the Managers and Staff. At Sangster’s® we’ve adopted the PPF Belief. Put Your Partners First (PPF). The definition of a ‘partner’ can be a franchisee, a staff member, a spouse, or a customer. The foundation of our Culture is built upon PPF.

When you become a franchisee, you get to incorporate our:

  • Customer Centric Culture
  • Strong and Profitable Business Platform
  • Superior Leadership
  • Excellent Franchisor Franchisee Relationships
  • Effective Training & Development Programs
  • Efficient Operating System & Effective Manuals

Sangster’s® – An Award Winning Franchise

Our spectacular growth, direction and leadership hasn’t gone unrecognized. At the Canadian Franchise Associations (CFA) Annual Awards, we were awarded the CFA Award of Excellence, which is the pinnacle of Canadian Franchising. The CFA Award of Excellence is awarded to one company, and in 2009 Sangster’s® won the Award of Excellence in Canadian Franchising.

Since then, we are eight-time recipients (2011-2018) of the CFA Franchise Choice designation, which is awarded to a select group of Canadian Franchises who run equally respectful franchise systems. In 2012, we won the NSBA New Direction Award which confirmed our goal of Vertical Integration, which for us is about supplying a ‘Complete System’ to our franchisees as well as our Sangster’s® Customers. We are a distributor, franchisor & retailer, all folded into one exciting company.

Our Family History

In 1960, Wallace Sangster purchased Northern Health Foods in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan from a man who had purportedly cured himself of cancer by ingesting vast amounts of Alfalfa in tea and tablet form. What began back in 1960 as a single-family business became a company when Roy Sangster followed in his father’s footsteps and founded his own company in 1971 known as Sangster’s® Health Foods. The original location was opened in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, and continues to operate to this day.

Back in the mid 70’s the percentage of the population that purchased health foods was very small, but growing rapidly. Seeing the potential of his industry, Roy made the decision to franchise and opened the first franchised store in 1978. When the Sangster family introduced their own exclusive line of vitamins the company expanded. 

In 2019 Sangster’s was purchased by Eastwest Bioscience. Focused on investing in natural health and wellness, the company remains vertically integrated today.

We grant Franchise Licenses as a Mutual Benefit

Sangster’s® franchise awarding process provides both you & Sangster’s® with time and information, two things critical to determining if a franchise license is a means to achieving both our goals.

At Sangster’s® we have a Brand goal which is to create experiences for customers that result in being very satisfied, returning frequently and recommending to do business with Sangster’s®.

You have a Personal goal which is to increase income, improve your lifestyle, create wealth, achieve job security, or eliminate debt.

Here at Sangster’s®, the awarding process is designed to benefit both parties.

Are you a Sangster’s® Franchise Candidate?

Consider every major decision you’ve made, was the timing just right, or was your decision based on a hunch or a feeling?

Your now able to recognize the need for change in your life, you wouldn’t be here if you were not looking for a new opportunity or a change in your life.

We have so much more to share with you, but if time is of the essence, you can start today and gain valuable access to your very own personal account and franchise associate who will help answer your questions about our franchise opportunity.

What our Customers have to say about Sangster’s®

“I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. I tried every product on the market with no improvement and finally gave up and learned to live with pain. After moving into a new neighborhood and talking with neighbors one man described the same condition I have and was using Sangster’s® Joint Pain Releif with Bio-Cell Collagen with great success. I went to Sangster’s® and discussed it with the herbalist and she showed me how to get started on it, her program was for two weeks but after one week I experienced great relief and have been using it ever since. I am on a waiting list for knee replacement but I have postponed it, thanks to Sangster’s® Joint Pain Releif with Bio-Cell Collagen I can go for longer walks now. ”
Roland T. (British Columbia)

“I have been on Sangster’s® Vitamins for approximately 3 years and have never felt healthier. I take Women’s Choice Multi Vitamins and Minerals plus Sangster’s® Vitamin B12. Before this I was on Centrum Protega and Jamieson Vitamin B12 and I put on weight and was always bloated. Since I have switched to Sangster’s® natural vitamins the bloating is gone and I feel much healthier. I drive to Vineland from St. Catharine’s to get these vitamins because I would not want to try anything else as these have helped me in health, energy levels and I have never felt better.”
Barb S. (Ontario)

Sangster’s® is a Time Tested & Profitable System

Sangster’s® has a time-tested and proven franchise business model. For over the past 40 years, Sangster’s® has learned a lot about our industry and the franchising business, which enables us to build a profitable business model for others to follow.

Sangster’s® is proud of it’s past, proud of it’s history and exceptionally proud of it’s experiences.

Sangster’s® uses a Proven and Profitable Business Model.

Sangster’s® is lead by forward thinking Industry Leaders.

Sangster’s® has a very experienced executive team.

    Our definition of franchising:

    • The delegation of ‘part’ of the Sangster’s® business plan to expand the Brand Experience;
    • Revenue Sharing derived from Sangster’s® Customers;
    • Granting the right and obligation to a person or entity, to fully and completely and consistently use Sangster’s® I.P. (Intellectual Property);
    • Using each others resources in order to accomplish mutually rewarding goals. Sangster’s® uses this strategy to achieve its goals such as a larger market share. Sangster’s® franchisees use this strategy to achieve their personal goals for income, lifestyle improvement, wealth, security and debt elimination;
    • The licensing of the Sangster’s® Business Model System;

    Business Opportunities: Sangster’s® Health Centres

    Our health centres are ideal for smaller retail spaces (less than 1,000sq.ft.). This is perfect for those who see themselves running their own retail business and an ideal business opportunity that starts at $125,000 plus franchise fees.


    Let’s Talk Numbers

    Becoming a Sangster’s® Franchisee is a considerable investment. The advantage of joining our proven system versus being on your own, is the fact that you know your investment level up front, plus Sangster’s® has a vested interest in your success.

    Sangster’s® Health Centres

    Retail Investment


    Initial Franchise Fee


    • To build and open a store, the investment does vary depending on a number of variables, including possible landlord inducements, size of location and current state of location, but as a general rule you should plan for a minimum investment of $125,000-$150,000
    • Following Sangster’s® Business Model, you can expect a 5 Year ROI (return on investment) to be between 10% – 20%.

      We grant you the Right to Use the Sangster’s® Franchise License

    We do not sell and you do not buy — a Sangster’s® Franchise/License.

    We grant you the right to use the Sangster’s® Franchise License, just like the government grants you the right to a driver’s license. You may buy and own your car, just as you may buy the physical assets of a Sangster’s® retail store, but you do not buy your drivers license, nor do you buy your Sangster’s® Franchise License. There is a fee to obtain your drivers license, just as there is a fee to obtaining your Sangster’s® Franchise License. In this relationship, you do not BUY into our Sangster’s® Franchise System. The initial Franchise Fee is used to cover some of the expense related to the ‘turn key operation’ of putting you into business in one of our Sangster’s® retail stores.

    Similarily, throughout our business partnership, we will share in the benefit derived from Sangster’s® Customers, by way of monthly royalties – you do not pay royalties to us, we collect royalties from you as a form of sharing a portion of the customer’s money.

    We Put our Partners Success 1st

    At Sangster’s®, we believe that success comes first by helping others succeed and we believe that in order to grow our franchise, we must do everything possible to make our franchisees as profitable as possible;

    • We Live the PPF Motto – which is to ‘Put your Partners First’;
    • We are focused on your bottom line;
    • We provide a ‘Unit Profitability & Performance’ model to follow;
    • We are your Coach – we teach, advise, motivate, educate and inspire you constantly through the use of our systems assets, such as staff and resources;

    Our Support of your franchise comes in many forms:

    • Brand Positioning
    • Administration
    • Marketing Plan
    • Operational Systems & Support
    • Performance Improvements
    • Extensive ongoing Training
    • Ongoing Research & Development
    • Technology

    Successful Advantage #1 – Support

    From Day 1, our support and commitment to helping you succeed is our main focus. We provide the tools to help you succeed and our ongoing support helps you apply those tools to your bottom line.

    Services Supported by Sangster’s® Franchise System:

    • Site Selection – approving quality trade areas and real estate for our retail stores;
    • Lease Negotiations – our team negotiates leases to ensure they meet our requirements for the franchise system;
    • Retail Store Design & Construction – our experienced project coordinator ensures all aspects of your retail build-out are taken care of;
    • Pre-Training Courses – two training courses are shipped to you prior to the 2-Week Training Program to ensure that you are well prepared;
    • 2-Week Training Program – our qualified team takes each new franchisee through a 2-week training program that teaches each franchisee how to operate a successful Sangster’s® Franchise, including daily operations, product training, POS system, book keeping, retail sales training, marketing & advertising, system and policy training;

    Successful Advantage #2 – Product Assets

    Products (i.e Inventory) is your largest investment and your most valued asset within our system. Our advantages lie in the details, things like negotiating company wide contracts with National Brand suppliers, ensuring you receive product very quickly, providing consumer confidence through manufacturing controls, and of course, providing you with an ASSET (Sangster’s Brand products) that is Exclusive to You!

    • National Brand Product – our system provides product balance and as a franchisee, you have the ability to offer national brand product along side Sangster’s® exclusive product, resulting in very happy customers. Our franchise has negotiated great contracts with all of the major suppliers to our industry and as a franchisee, you are the direct beneficiary of those negotiations.
    • Product Distribution – our centralized distribution warehouse will ship every order out to you in less than 24 hours;
    • Product Controls – our relationship with the Natural Health Product Directory (NHPD) is strong and respectful. Our system employs staff dedicated to ensuring Sangster’s® products meet and exceed the requirements of Health Canada;
    • Product Protection – our system provides protection… which is YOUR Advantage. This is your ability to offer a product that nobody else can…other health stores can sell products, but only you can offer the very large, very respected and coveted Sangster’s® Brand of natural health products, spanning over 350 items including vitamins, minerals, oils, herbs, lotions, shampoos, proteins, foods, essential oils, juices, etc.;

    Successful Advantage #3 – Organizational Structure

    Sangster’s® is a vertically integrated business that is designed to do two things exceptionally well…..fulfill our Mission Statement and generate profits for our Franchise Partners. We achieve profits for you by ensuring our business advantages far exceed those of our competition. Our business model is an intricate mix of professional divisions comprised of a:

    • Franchise Licensing Division – is designed to provide a ‘system to follow’ for others wishing to enter the retail side of the Natural Health Industry. Our Franchise division provides ‘COACHING‘;
    • Warehouse Distribution Division – is designed as a one-stop-shop for our franchise partners to buy product from. Our warehouse offers over 1,000 natural health products (both national brands & house brands) for our franchise partners to purchase without having to shop around and buy extra un-needed product from 100+ suppliers just to receive ‘Free’ shipping. Our warehouse provides ‘CONVENIENCE‘ which provides cash-flow and inventory management advantages;
    • Real Estate Leasing Division – is designed to negotiate and secure prime retail locations with landlords. Our Leasing division provides ‘A PLACE TO DO BUSINESS‘;

    Successful Advantage #4 – Ongoing Support

    Sangster’s® is a franchise system that prides itself with ongoing support to its franchisees. Our role as franchisor, is to support you in every aspect of business, using tools, knowledge, best practices, and system standards to efficiently and effectively allow you to fulfill your personal goals.

    • Regular on-site Training Visits
    • Yearly Marketing & Advertising Campaigns
    • Dedicated ‘Product Educator’ to assist you
    • Yearly Strategic Plan & Unit Profitability Model to follow
    • Customer Loyalty Program to utilize
    • Gift Card Program to utilize
    • Retail Operations Manual to utilize
    • Annual Training Seminar’s & Convention
    • Advertising Support via Internal Co-op Program
    • Negotiate with Suppliers on your behalf
    • Help you conduct In-store Demo’s/Seminars
    • Continuous attention to building brand awareness
    • Helpful assistance in keeping your financials up-to-date
    • Yearly face-to-face meeting with the President
    • Dedicated ‘Field Consultant’ to help you build your business
    • Dedicated ‘Sales Associate’ to help you promote
    • Central point of contact for you to receive assistance
    • Advanced POS System to utilize & analyze data
    • Senior’s Day Program to follow
    • Training Manuals & DVD’s to utilize
    • Business building support
    • Product Support via efficient Product Return Process
    • Dedicated Product Development Team
    • Provide advice & training support for your retail staff
    • Increase retail traffic with regular Promotions & Events
    • Offer advice and coaching on improving your profit margin

    Successful Advantage #5 – Advertising & Branding

    Our system is dedicated to achieving both its Advertising Objectives as well as its Branding Objectives.

    • Advertising is designed to increase traffic counts and drive sales;
    • Branding is designed to tell a story and emotionally connect with our consumers;

    Our advertising & marketing budget is derived from our franchisees advertising contribution, which in-turn is used to efficiently & effectively provide you with both advertising & branding support.

    Next Steps…

    We believe that choosing a franchise is a tough decision. Hence we have re-engineered our process to help you make the perfect choice. We’d like to invite you to continue your exploration of the Sangster’s® Franchise Opportunity.

    Step 1: Inquiry & Application

    Step 2: Qualification

    Step 3: Interviewing

    Step 4: Validating

    Step 5: Discovery Day

    Step 6: Awarding

    Step 1: Inquiry

    This is the beginning for your independence and security of small business ownership with Sangster’s®, Canada’s longest running and most respected health industry franchise.

    Our Inquiry stage is about providing you with a place to contact us and express your interest in learning more about Sangster’s® Franchise Opportunity.

    Step 2: Qualification

    Our Qualification stage is about explaining, teaching and answering your questions about Sangster’s® Franchise Opportunity.

    One of our highly qualified Franchise Associates will guide you through this process which begins with an explanation of our Franchise system including Products, Services, Franchise Support, Our Mission, Core Values and Franchise Beliefs.

    After that, your questions will be answered and you will be asked if you are still interested in moving forward with Sangster’s®. If you answer ‘YES’ you will be asked to complete our qualification stage via our Qualification Application, moving you into our ‘Interviewing’ stage.

    Step 3: Interviewing

    Our Interviewing stage is about getting to know each other. This is the stage that we will dissect your Franchise Application in order to learn more about you.

    We will conduct multiple telephone meetings to discuss your application in addition to explaining our training program, our operational processes, our marketing strategy, and our franchisee/franchisor expectations and relationship.

    After that, your questions will be answered and you will be asked if you are still interested in moving forward with Sangster’s®. If you answer ‘YES’ we will provide you with critical information needed to conduct your due diligence of our company. This information includes a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

    Our Franchise Associate will work closely with you to answer any questions you may have. This is your opportunity to learn everything you need to know about our franchise system and our opportunity to get to know you better.

    Step 4: Validating

    After the completion of the above process, a mutually convenient date is fixed for your visit to our Head Office. Your visit, referred to as 'A Discovery Day' will include meeting with our key Account managers and team members to make you aware of all the details associated with development of your Retail Franchise. This will ensure that we have the opportunity to get to know each other, set reasonable goals and develop a foundation for our relationship moving forward.

    Step 5: Awarding

    Nearing the successful completion of your Discovery Day visit to our Head Office in Saskatoon, SK. we will enter into the Franchise Agreement Process, securing our Partnership through the execution of our franchise documents.

    We will then discuss the retail location, lease negotiation (if needed), time frames and of course, begin arranging our 2-week training program, which collectively is the beginning of your journey that starts with the Opening of your Sangster’s® Retail Franchise!

    Where do we go from here?

    If you are interested in pursuing more information about franchising with Sangster's® please email We look forward to hearing from you!