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About Us

Sangster's personalizes the human connection to live better and healthier lives

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Sangster's has a natural and deeply rooted understanding of wellbeing- it is personalized and prescriptive for every individual we connect with. We understand the industry, we understand or products, and we listen to and understand you. Since  1971, Sangster's have been connecting people to achieve a balanced approach to feeling happy and healthier mentally, physically and spiritually. We take pride in being an award-winning, trusted and safe Canadian health and wellness brand. Our mission is to be a Canadian educator in health and wellness here at home (in Canada( and globally. 

We help people connect to living better and healthier lives. Our human-centric approach to health and wellness is holistic and familiar. We tailor our solutions for every individual, this evolves as it needs to as one experiences natural changes in life. We empower people to live their best daily routines to experience the true feeling of wellness - happy, healthy and ultimately, to your betterment. Discover the right mix of wellbeing. 


Our History


- And that is exactly what Sangster's was built on since the 1970's, when it was first established by Roy Sangster. From day one, our passion for offering health advice stemmed from its founding dats, when Roy would have genuine, down-to-earth conversations with the people  who frequented his storefront. People who have grown into the extended Sangster's family network that is is today. He loved building that human connection- listening to customer, offering health advice whilst reinforcing Sangster's position as a trusted knowledge leader through the products and solutions we provide. Which to this day, remains to the backbone of our offering businesswide. 

Since 1971, we've been recognized by our customers as a reliable, trusted, knowledgeable source for those seeking to improve their health and wellness - all backed by our team of in-store experts offering invaluable advice in the health and wellness industry. Our passion for providing health and wellness advice to support customers' mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing has shown resilience in our ability to be a reputable health source - offering quality products and quality service built on our knowledge. We've been doing this for over 50 years and continue to nurture genuine connections with our customers' wellbeing through their varying stages in life, as they discover their best health and wellness mix. 

 Take a trip down memory lane to discover how we've been personalizing the human connection over the year