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Hawthorn is one of the most valuable herbs used in cardiovascular
health. It has been used for centuries as a medicine and is known
to help increase blood flow to the heart and brain, improve muscle
contraction in the heart, and aid in lowering blood pressure.
The hawthorn leaves, flowers and berries contain many
phytochemicals known as flavonoids, including hyperoside,
vitexinrhamnose, rutin, vitexin, saponins, procyanidins and quercetin.
These are powerful antioxidants that relax and dilate the arteries and
help to increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the heart. This
reduces the work required by the heart to circulate blood, and lowers
stress on the heart muscle, which can reduce blood pressure.
Tests have shown that hawthorn works by increasing the contraction
force of the heart, improving the strength of blood vessel walls,
increasing blood flow and improving oxygen use. Studies suggest
that the flavonoids in hawthorn decrease the risk of heart diseases. It
is known that flavonoids have antioxidant properties and strengthen
blood vessel walls by stimulating cross linking of collagen. Tests have
also shown that hawthorn can reduce cholesterol and triglyceride
levels in the blood.

Benefits of Hawthorn
• Improves muscle contractions of the heart
• Improves circulation and oxygen used to lower blood
• Supports and enhances healthy blood vessels

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