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Tea Tree Oil 100% Pure Certified Organic

Sangster’s Tea Tree Oil is 100% pure, certified organic and pesticide free. Located on the plantations, the natural tea trees are cut by hand to ensure that absolutely no foreign plants or weeds are taken into the steam distiller. The tea trees are cut down to ground level just like trimming a hedge. Eighteen months later, you have a full-grown tea tree ready for harvesting once again. Sangster’s Certified Organic Tea Tree Oil has specific
terpinen-4-ol (over 36%) and cineole contents, which exceeds Australian government standards. Sangster’s brings you the best quality and purest Tea Tree Oil on the market, while being environmentally friendly.

Tea Tree Oil Precautions:
1. Store Tea Tree Oil below 30C
2. Do not put pure oil in plastic containers. It WILL melt them
3. Avoid contact with eyes. For inside of ears, use ONLY diluted solution as per guide info
4. Keep out of reach of children
5. Not for internal use
6. Do not put pure oil on baby’s skin
7. If rash or irritation occurs, discontinue use
8. Do not use on dogs or cats

100% Pure Certified Organic Tea Tree Oil
(Exceeds 36% Terpinen-4-ol: a major germicidal component of Tea Tree Oil)

Recommended dose:
For applications, consult Sangster's Tea Tree Oil guide.

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