Lloydminster, AB

Wallace and Connie Sangster are among the originators of the Sangster’s family of stores. They have been in business for around 40 years serving the Lloydminster community with healthy living resources and products. 

“Wisdom is knowing how to discern what is best for you” ~ Wallace Sangster

Having been in business for as long as they have, Wallace and Connie have had the pleasure of being both support and witness to some incredible health recovery stories. One that stands out in particular is serving a customer who had been diagnosed with diabetes and was on the verge of having a foot amputated. The customer took their own initiative to make some dramatic lifestyle changes, but Wallace and Connie were available to help with resources and product recommendations to help the customer along toward recovery. Eventually the customer was able to save their foot! 

Wallace has an MBA degree and is an iridologist and master herbalist. He has a passion for using his knowledge to support people in reaching their wellness goals. He and his wife work together daily to bring forth a unique variety of specialty wellness products to the community not easily found in other area stores.  

What are some of the common ailments you see people coming in with?

“Mostly arthritis or joint pain, or inflammation in general. Typically people with liver issues. And another common one is blood sugar - diabetes.”  

What wellness advice would you like to share?

“Eat your greens! Most people are acidic and need greens to help neutralize the body and acidity is known to cause inflammation in the body.

Also, try to keep up with the basic things, such as a healthy balanced diet and exercise. 

What life advice would you want to share with the next generation?

Try not to get too stressed about changes - everything is always changing. Nowadays, there are so many options and new technology and product offerings, it's easy to become overwhelmed. Look for the opportunities that will work for you.