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It is natural that as we age, there is more strain put on our cardiovascular and immune systems and we may become more susceptible to serious illnesses like heart attack and stroke. Even less serious ailments can become a greater concern as we seem to get more severe symptoms, and our bodies may take longer to recover. On the cellular level our body’s ability to convert oxygen into energy becomes impeded. All of these processes within the body require the vital nutrient Coenzyme Q10- which becomes more difficult for the body to produce as we get older.

Hawthorn, a diuretic, is added to Sangster’s Coenzyme Q10 75mg to help eliminate excess water and salt in the body, allowing for increased blood and oxygen flow to the heart which helps to normalize blood pressure.

Sangster’s Coenzyme Q10 30mg, 100mg or 75mg with Hawthorn will help to strengthen and energize all of our cells, help to increase the blood flow to our heart, and will help to ensure that our body’s immune system has the nutrients it needs to protect against illness and infection.

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